5 Essential Caliburn Tones For Recording Survivalist

1.  Natural Clean Air

A tone for your everyday usual needs.

When you need to get a fresh air and start a new project or just jamming your favorite chord progressions.

2. Your Sharp Crunch

A nice sharp crunchy tone for your brit pop – rock rhythm parts.

Instead of constantly tweaking your amp to fit you new  arrangement , just load this classic and continue to record!

3. First AID Solo Tone.

Each song almost always ends with a guitar solo. So, just plug your guitar and start rocking. No further processing power needed! It’s just your first AID Solo guitar tone

4. Ballad Fire Starter

We always feel warmer when a good ballad starts from a new CD.

The Chorus adds more heat to the firepit and our guitar sounds like, that well known place in our hearts.

5. Storm Rhythm

Sometimes a forecast predicts a storm coming and then your simple answer is to push everything . Your Humbucker guitar and your amp are monsters that should be tamed down!