“Abandoned Place” Guitar Instrumental – Recreating the Tone in Cakewalk DAW

“Abandoned Place” Guitar Instrumental – Recreating the Tone in Cakewalk by BandLab DAW

Hi guys, here is one of my all time favorite instrumental
“Abandoned Place”.
it was recorded in 2008 and still is one of the most downloaded tracks over the streaming – mp3 services. I’m sharing the backing track from the project, a short reference DI track from the solo guitar and fresh new guitar tone track chain for Cakewalk by BandLab free DAW.

Back then the solo guitar tone was sculpted using one of the first prototypes of Kuassa’s amp sims, made by the DSP guru and Kuassa’s founder, known in the forums as “Aradaz“.
We found each other on KVR forum and became good friends.

10 years later I decided to recreate the solo guitar tone, using our Efektor Overdrive Blues type, which is really dynamic sounding and reacts amazingly good on every guitar pick nuance .

Then overdrive goes into Kuassa Vermilion amp simulator and boosting the clean channel of the “A” amp.
The Delay and Reverb are stock Cakewalk Sonitus plugins

Here is a video of me playing it around that time.
The solo guitar is a little louder in the mix!

Also, here is a full guitar lesson showing the solo part.

Here is a screenshot of the chain:

A short sample of my DI guitar with DiMarzio Breed pickups:

I was using an old EMU sound-card and you can hear some noises recorded through the pickups…
You can download the DI here: DOWNLOAD

A short sample of the full mix using the track chain in Cakewalk:

Here is the backing track for download:

Download: Dimi Abandoned Place Backing Track

 And here is the Cakewalk FX track chain for download:

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!