Best wiring for Ibanez or any two humbuckers guitar with 5 way switch

Best wiring for Ibanez or any two humbuckers guitar with 5 way switch.

Last few days  decided to take care of my guitars.  Refinished the necks with new fresh varnish, then sanded the back with 2000 grid sand paper for smoother feeling. The old finish was worn out on a few places. With the variation of the humidity in my room, it was the best choice to keep the neck from the moisture and to prevent some neck warping in the time.

After 4 days of drying out and then sanding and polishing decided to rewire the pickups on my rg320.

It has two standard Ibanez INF humbucker pickups, 1 volume knob and 2 one tone. The switch is 5 way Ibanez part made by Cort Tek especially for two humbuckers. It can’t be used with 3 pickups. In this case the middle one.

In this video demo, the guitar has middle pickup, I’m really used to guitars with 3 pickups configuration and my right hand playing technique remembers my old Ibanez guitars with two humbuckers and one single in the middle. That’s why one year back I rerouted the body and installed the middle one with plans for future rewiring with 3 puckups , Now it is just a dummy one. 🙂

Today while  searching for new  mod, I have  found new wiring diagram and decided to try it out,

Here is the original one for RG320. The Neck pickups in 2nd position was in Parallel mode.

and here is the new one. Now the the neck pickups in position 2 of the switch is in split mode and the coil close to the neck is used.

Here is the combinator used for the demo made for Reason 9 using Kuassa Vermilion Rack Extension.