Grunge Alternative Guitar Sound

If you use Reason and you are a fan of the Alternative – Grunge Rock, you will find this quite fun to play with 🙂

Using Kuassa’s Amp Simulators

The video is just informative example of the sound.

Please tweak the amplifier EQ and input settings to fit your guitar spectrum and pickups output!

In the actual project and combinators-presets, the stock Reason EQ and Limiter were used!


Download the presets for Creme and Vermilion in Reason format!

The archive contains Combinators for the main clean guitar, left and right high gain guitars. Also separate presets for the Vermilion Amplifier Amp Simulator.

There are 2 types of presets, one is using the new Kuassa’s Efektor Rack Extension for boosting the Vermilion Amp .

The other is achieving the high gain sound only with the Vermilion Amplifier gain staging architecture.

The first one using the Efektor Distortion Extension is more accurate!!!

 DOWNLOAD Presets For Reason

Down bellow you can download the full Reason 9 project for testing

Full Reason 9 Project File – DOWNLOAD 15mb

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