Don’t trow way your | cheap axe


Every guitar has a potential.
There is a road to be walked from just a bare wood and then to be assembled and become an instrument.
Every guitar starts from a piece of log and some basic machine usage. With today’s technology there are millions “guitar builders” factories. But what they don’t give is a great setup.
They are all with sharp frets ends, frets loose from the frets slots.
Misaligned necks with the body. Cheap electronics.
This is the way to sell you these guitars on a good bargain.
That’s why the market is flooded with countless good looking but unplayable guitars.
The secret is in the understanding how the guitar works and what makes a few pieces of metal and wood an instrument.

Every great guitar even from the most famous brands is tweaked – with the knowledge of their master luthiers. Its called setup.

First and foremost, the neck of your guitar should be in working condition. The so called trust rod inside of the neck should work.

This will give you a straight neck which will be a great base for free of fret buzz sound and low action.

More to come….