Ibanez RG 320 and Roto Greys Strings (13-54) + Kuassa Creme B-E-A-D-F♯-B Tuning

A quick test for low tuning with Roto Greys Strings (13-54) tuned down to B-E-A-D-F♯-B on my Ibanez RG 320 and  Kuassa Creme Amp Simulation Plugin



The guitar stays in tune well. I was afraid that the neck will not hold it, but luckily its perfect!!! 😀
You can hear and test the presets. Here are two files the DI guitar and the processed one with Creme

[stextbox id=”download”]Download the presets HERE[/stextbox]


DI Guitar in wave format

Processed track with Creme

and here is a video playing with this sound

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dNLBzRZQ7k]