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Angels & Airwaves – Anxiety – Guitar Tone

Hi guys, another great guitar tone is finished.
This time it’s  from Angels & Airwaves – Anxiety.
The delay is set at 134 tempo in 8th doted note repetition.
The archive contains the intro guitar with the delay settings and then two over driven guitar chains for left and right guitar tracks.

Download the presets, combinators and Reaper track chains:

Using Kuassa’s Vermilion Amp and Efektor Overdrive OD3603 with a little coloring from Efektor Chorus CH3604.

Here is the intro guitar DI for your comparison purposes.

And here is the backing track made especially for the demo video.
Using Ez Drummer 2 and Xpand 2.

The Adventure – combinators for Reason DAW and presets for Creme

“The Adventure” Angels and Airwaves, intro guitar and main theme guitar guitar combinators for Reason DAW and presets for Creme.

Here is the full mix:

Here is the intro DI guitar for reference: