Working on a new track. Hope you will enjoy it!



So, started to work on a fresh new track today
after cleaning my Laptop.
So happy to share it with you!


Hi guys, here’s my fifth solo album “Sing to the Mountain ” 2012, which you can stream and listen for free ! If you like it, please buy it and support me!
Thanks for your support!
Thank you!!!

Updating the web site.

Hi guys,
I’m so proud to announce a big news!!!
I’m the new Product Specialist for Kuassa – A software company specializing in digital guitar amplification & audio processing.
I have a history with the mastermind behind their great software amps simulators started in the 2007-8. One of my best ballads “Abandoned Place” was recorded with his amazing Aradaz Crunch plugin released at that time.
Now we are together again! Stay tuned for more news!
Here is the track recorded in that time with Aradaz Crunch…/dimitar-nalbantov-abandoned
Now Kuassa are mature company and their new products are real game competitors!
I have made many demos for them over the years and now I’m really happy to work with them!!!

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