Hi guys, as you already know one of the greatest classic DAW become freeware a few days back.
It’s amazing opportunity for everyone on a budget, to have such a great recording and mixing software. So, I suggest to check this link out:

I have already started to explore the daw and managed to get some amazing results with our Kuassa’s Amp Sims.

Here, I’m sharing two rock guitar tones build around the Kuassa’s Creme amp and the Efektor OD, also using the Cakewalk included
amazing ‘Pro Channel, which includes: tube emulation, tape emulation, console emulation and so on…
Also, I’m using the stock delay and gate. The list is long, so go ahead
and download the BandLab Cakewalk.
The guitar used in the demo is Squier by Fender HSS

Here is the mixed track for reference. I’m using Ez Drummer 2
Everything is mixed with the Pro Channel.

Here is the backing track for download:


Here are the Pro Channel settings and track chain presets for Cakewalk:


Also, its happy to share:
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