Kuassa Classic Tones Collection Refill

Hello folks, despite the exhausting delay… please allow us to announce the availability of our first official refill for Kuassa Amplifikation and Efektor series.

It’s already available for download at Kuassa’s Download page >> http://kuassa.com/downloads

(scroll to the Utilities & Presets section at the bottom of the page)
We hope you guys enjoy the Refill as much as we are.

Best Regards,
Kuassa Team

Classic Tones Collection Refill

The legends live forever!

Meticulously crafted by solid experience of Kuassa product specialist: Dimitar Nalbantov. This refill contains ready-to-use Reason song files filled with presets and combinators inspired by classic guitar tones which shapes the sound of rock from the previous decades; reborn into Reason.

Each of these files contains accurate reproduction of each tracks using Kuassa’s award-winning AMPLIFIKATION series with the addition of the freshly added EFEKTOR series along with standard effect devices from Reason. You won’t believe these professional tones are coming out from your familiar DAW!

Each song files will require a combination of two or more Kuassa Rack Extensions to sound as accurate as possible: Amplifikation Vermilion, Amplifikation Creme, Cerberus Bass Amplifikation, Efektor Silencer, Efektor DS3603 Distortion, Efektor OD3603 Overdrive and/or Efektor FZ3603 Fuzz.

*Disclaimer: any similarities or resemblance with a specific artist or composer are not meant to violate their original composer or intellectual property. Thus, are the property of their respective owners.


27 Songs
122 Patches
78 Combinators

Nothing fancy with the gear :puf_smile:

1. Ibanez rg 320 fm pickguard installed- Korean made with Stock pickups – humbuckers – 9-42 Elixir strings E tuning – Push pull tone control for coil split.

Body material:
Basswood w/ flamed maple top

Infinity pickups:
Bridge – INF4
Neck – INF3

Pickups Height

Strings Action

2. Ibanez RG320 – Indonesian made, again with stock pickups – 11-52 strings – Drop D

Body material:
Basswood w/ flamed maple top

Infinity pickups:
Bridge – INF4
Neck – INF3

Pickups height

Strings Action

3. Unknown brand Gibson Copy with no name pickups – 11-52 strings – different tunings.
Body material:
Laminated wood.

Strings Action

Pickups Height

Ibanez RG 320 fm with the pick-guard is used for most of the shred and lead work.
It has nice bright tone when the stock pickups are in coil split position.
The guitar has volume high pass capacitors installed by me. It is 330pf WIMA Film Capacitor.

When the volume control is around at the middle of its position it gives the guitar that bright “strat” like tone.

All guitars are equipped with Elixir strings. The tone is a little different from the standard non coated strings with a little more pronounced mid range.
They last forever.

Combinators code letters:

External Sound Card Audio interface:
TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 – FireWire 1394

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