Guitar Hero – 90’s Tone “Frank”

Guitar Hero – 90’s Tone “Frank”
Hi guys, here is a sound design attempt of the famous guitar hero Steve Vai.
It was asked from a user  at Reaper‘s DAW forum here :

Here is the tone made in Reaper with Kuassa Amplifikation One and Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series

Zip file with Reaper chain with all the settings for the effects and the preset for Kuassa’s  Kuassa Amplifikation One

Download the ZIP file:  Dimi_Vai_Tone_Amp_One



“Bridge of Waves” Ballad Solo Sound

4 days the flu is fighting with me, but this melody
is going to win the fight! 😀
“Bridge of Waves” Ballad Solo Sound

Gear used:
Guitar – Ibanez RG 320 Guitar with stock pickups – Strings – Elixir     Super Light Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings
– Computer´s interface – TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6
– DAW – Reaper 4.
– Amp Simulation – Kuassa Amplifikation One:

Amplifikation One

Download the preset HERE

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