Kuassa Various Guitar Amplifikation Preset Pack #1

Hi Guys!!

We just uploaded a new preset pack called. Kuassa Various Guitar Amplifikation Preset Pack #1

get the download here: http://www.kuassa.com/downloads
*under the utilities & presets section.*

Hope you will enjoy them 🙂


The Preset List:
1. Preset_1_Amp_One_Rhythm_Tone.kap
2. Preset_2_Creme Rhythm Dream Tone.kcp
3. Preset_3_Creme Rhythm Metal Tone.kcp
4. Preset_4_ Creme Rhythm Drag Tone.kcp
5. Preset_5_Creme_Low_Solo.kcp
6. Preset_6_Amp One Solo1.kap
7. Preset_7_Creme_Fus_Solo.kcp
8. Preset_8_Creme__Rock_Solo.kcp
9. Preset 9 Amp One Rock Solo 2.kap
10. Preset_10_Vermilion_Blues_Tone.kvp


Hi guys, maybe you know, but if not I’m with Arie and Kuassa now!!! I have used theirs plugins in many of my albums.
And one of Arie’s first plugins Aradaz Crunch was used in my track “Abandoned Place”
I’m so happy!!!
Here is a quick walk-through with Vermilion. Checking a few settings with my New – Old audio interface Desktop Konnekt 6
If you have any questions, please comment, or send me a message! I will be happy to help!